Fishing Seasons


  • No slot limits.

  • No closed seasons.

  • Light Fishing Pressure.


Our most frequently asked question, case “When is the best time to come and fish Devils Lake?” 

Jeff Kazter Pics 4editTo honestly answer this question, ampoule you need to ask yourself a question.  How do you like to fish? In other words, what are your favorite methods you like to use to catch fish?   Are you a caster, are you a troller?  Do you like to vertical jig or drift slowly with Lindy rigs?  You may even like to relax, and watch a slip bobber. 

The majority of our customers target walleye and northern pike, but the yellow perch and white bass can also offer great opportunities for the open water angler.

We start guiding in mid April and will run boats into October. Traditionally we locate walleyes in shallow water in the early part of the year (May, June) and fish move deeper as the summer progresses. The months of April, May and June often find us pitching crank baits or jigs, vertical jigging or using slip bobbers. July and August traditionally offer great opportunities for vertical jigging, live bait rigging and trolling. The fall months of September and October offer many different patterns and Devils Lake can yield impressive catches for fall fishermen. We will use whatever presentation we feel necessary to put fish in the boat. If you have a favorite way to fish, let us know and we will accommodate those needs and try to get you on the water when that particular presentation works best.        



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