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The Devils Lake Fishing Report, July 10th to July 16th, 2016

The fish are biting here at Devils Lake, treatment ND.. July fishing is living up to expectations and for many, fishing this month is even better than last years good July bite. Some nice fish are now being caught out in the main lake basin by our guided groups. Even inexperienced anglers new to Devils Lake have been going home with limits of small, eater walleyes. Devils Lake is a diverse fishery whose secrets can be difficult to unlock. While many presentations will work, the most effective ways to catch quality fish may not be what pre conceived notions brought from back home will deliver. The same applies to finding the locations of quality, mature fish.

DSCF1898 (1) July 2016 Report  The most common complaint I hear from unsuccessful anglers is that they can only catch small fish. Getting stuck small fish, raiding the nursery of sexually immature 10-15 inch fish is a pattern that will not find you the schools of mature fish. There is much so more to Devils Lake fishing than getting mired down in small fish. Daily, our guides who are experienced with fishing at DL produce good catches of mature walleyes for their clients. The educational value of fishing with a good guide will pay dividends, not only in fish, but more importantly in unlocking the secrets to patterns and presentations that will make you a more successful angler.

For our guides and their groups, Devils Lake continuously produces quality catches of 15 – 21 eater walleyes with larger walleyes being voluntarily released.  Walleyes can be a very challenging fish to catch. Fronts come through, patterns change, bug hatches and abundant forage will at times leave even experienced anglers scratching their heads. The knowledge gained from past experience in overcoming these obstacles our guides have gained. This does not come easy to new, inexperienced anglers attempting to fish Devils Lake. To speed up this process I would encourage the hiring of a good guide. We here at Mitchells Guide Service are here to help you start get started unlocking the secrets of fishing for Devils Lake Gold.

Just give us a call at 701-662-5996
Submitted by MGS Fishing Guide, Pete Harsh / MR.TILLER


May 23

The guided fishing season is well off and running. Fishing so far this season have been very good when the weather cooperates. Windy conditions can make it a challenge on some days but thats typical North Dakota. People are having a lot of success fishing shallow bays where the water is warmer. Depths less than 15 ft have seem to be producing the most fish. Several presentations have been working; trolling crank baits, capsule jigging, slip bobbering, and pitching plastics have all been producing nice results. Fishing in 30-35 feet of water around various bridges with leeches and night crawlers have also been producing some nice fish.

There are still dates available in late May and early June but they are going fast.

Good luck to all anglers going out fishing the next week and stay tuned for further updates here and on Facebook.

May 23 fishing report 2 may 23 fishing report 3 may 23 fishing report 4.May 23 fishing report


July 28

We have had anglers all the way from Florida, Texas, and New York this past week and boy did they choose a good time to come to Devils Lake and fish with Woodland Resort and Mitchell’s Guide Service. Walleyes topping 8 lbs, white bass hitting the 3.5 lb mark, and plenty of knuckle busting pike to go around, Devils Lake fishing is as good as it has been all year. Trolling with bottom bouncers and spinners baited with crawlers, leaches or plastics have all been doing really well along with pulling crank baits. There has not been one color that seems to be dominating, but catching them on a lot of different presentations. Fish have seemed to move out a little deeper to around the 15-20 foot mark, with fish being caught both deeper and shallower. The evening bite and shore fishing both continue to produce great results. Look forward to the same types of fishing throughout August with very similar success.

Looking forward to August we still have quite a few openings for both fishing with Mitchell’s Guide Service and lodging with Woodland Resort. Great fishing/lodging packages available for August  include 9th-11th,17th-20th, 23rd-27th and August 29th-September 8th. For reservations call Woodland resort at 701-662-5996 Ext. 1 or Mitchell’s Guide Service at 701-662-6560.

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The weather has been heating up and fishing continues to be hot. Big fish, there small fish, pharm all kinds of fish; now is the time to be fishing on Devils Lake. People are finding a lot of success trolling both spinners with live bait, as well as pulling #5 crank baits in around 10 feet of water but don’t be afraid to go deeper. Working the edges of weed beds and tree lines, as well as trolling on flooded roads has been producing fantastic results. Slip bobbering with live bait in the evenings has also been producing nice results. Here are a few of the catches from the past couple weeks

Good luck, be safe, and have a happy 4th of July!fishing report 7-2,1 fishing report 7-2,2 fishing report 7-2,3 fishing report 7-2,4 fishing report 7-2,5 fishing report 7-2,6 fishing report 7-2,7 fishing report 7-2,8 fishing report 7-2 fishing report7-2,3

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